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About us

Biba happiness

Every piece of Biba is a piece of happiness.


In 2000, we started as a small-scale wholesaler of trendy silver jewellery. It turned out to be the best thing we could have done. People in the Netherlands and abroad now enjoy our beautiful jewellery and accessories. We owe our success to our many years of experience. We closely follow the latest trends in jewellery and fashion. With lots of passion for our profession, we constantly renew our collections. All to make sure that our product range always matches the latest fashion. It’s our goal to let our customers shine, inside and out. Because that's what we do it for ... for that little piece of happiness.


We believe in the power of small entrepreneurs. People with a passion for their business and their customers. They present our jewellery and accessories with the same enthusiasm as we do. And they take the time to give their customers excellent and friendly advice. It’s exactly these things that we value in our dealers so much. Therefore, we like to visit our dealers from time to time. To take a look at their store and talk about their business.


Whenever we visit our dealers, we always receive a warm welcome. And we would like to welcome you with the same hospitality. Get inspired by our collection; from timeless classics to the must-haves that should not be missing from your collection this season. Because every season there is so much to discover. And every season we hope to surprise you with our colourful, timeless, and glamorous jewellery and accessories. Let us give you your piece of happiness.